Our Mission

Through community organizing and fundraising efforts, the Crimson Tide Foundation brings together Pottsville Area School District residents, alumni, and friends to enhance the academic experience of current and future students. The ultimate goal of the Crimson Tide Foundation is to strengthen the Pottsville Area School District community by reuniting and supporting our alumni while more effectively preparing current and future students for the challenges they will face upon graduation.

Our Vision

Alumni associations throughout America have done a great service for their universities’ graduates for many years. These groups help us reconnect with our classmates, establish important personal connections in the workplace and keep us informed of important events occurring at our alma maters. Alumni associations are also an opportunity for individuals to build their personal legacy and improve the experiences of the students who follow them by giving back to the institutions that helped them along their journey through life. By serving both graduates and their sponsor institutions, alumni associations perform a great service to the community. Although formal alumni associations are not as common at the High School-level, we believe this Foundation will provide a great service to Pottsville Area High School graduates, the City of Pottsville and our beloved “Castle on the Hill.”


Short History of the Crimson Tide Foundation

In 2010 three alumni of the Pottsville Area High School recognized several characteristics of the Pottsville School District. First, that many of its graduates feel a need to “give back” to the school district that got them started on their journey through life. Second, that the normal school district budget does not contain funds for certain enhanced educational experiences. These facts gave rise to the establishment of the Crimson Tide Foundation, which provides alumni and friends a vehicle to “give back” to the District through a tax exempt organization.  Also in 2018 we were designated as an Educational Improvemant Organization which allows businesses to make contributions to the Foundation and receive Educational Improvement Tax Credits from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

In June of 2011 we held our first fundraiser which made possible a donation of $1000 toward the purchase of new reference materials for the PAHS library. Considering future plans in 2012, it became obvious that we needed more help so the Foundation Board of Directors was increased to approximately 20 members and we began to conduct regular monthly meetings.

Since 2012 we have completed an update of the Alumni Directory, provided 2 waves of Venture Grants for enhanced classroom experiences, begun to fund a Digital Media Project for the publications department, and purchased new astronomy equipment for the Motivational Science Center. With the help of alumni and friends of the Pottsville Area School District we will be able to continue to provide these kinds of educational enhancements well into the future.

Contact us at:
P. O. Box 62
Pottsville, PA 17901