Our Mission

The Crimson Tide Foundation is a non-profit educational organization  committed to enriching the educational experiences of current and future students in the Pottsville Area School District by providing financial support for those projects which exceed the normal resources of the District.

Our Vision

It is the Vision of the Crimson Tide Foundation that every student in the Pottsville Area School District will have the chance to experience educational opportunities that are beyond the resources of the normal School District budget

Our Values

1.  We believe our Foundation provides a great service to the alumni, students, and residents of the Pottsville Area School District community.

     2.  We care about the quality of the enhanced education that District students receive.

     3.  We collaborate our fundraising efforts with alumni, friends and businesses.

     4.  We strive to be open and accountable with the funds we solicit and distribute.

     5.  We coordinate our disbursements with the needs of the District.

     6.  We volunteer our efforts to the Crimson Tide Foundation with pride and enthusiasm.


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Partner Organizations

Contact us at:
P. O. Box 62
Pottsville, PA 17901

A huge THANK YOU to those who have contributed to the Crimson Tide Foundation. In spite of Covid-19 we are continuing to use Venture Grants to enhance the academic experience of our students. To the right please find the Impact Statement for one such grant. It gives a summary of the results of that grant.   To make a tax deductible donation click here.