Please accept the thanks of the Crimson Tide Foundation and the students of the Pottsville Area School District for your support of the TEN FOR THE TIDE "TFTT" project.

David &Christine Ambrose
Jeff Angelo
Jessica Chattin
Ned Connors
Olivia Connors
Samuel Deibler
Kyle Delaney
Rebecca Ferdoucha
Doher Ferris
Brad Hallick
Pamela Heffner
Patricia & James Heller
Katelyn Hranchock
John R. Liddle
Rebecca Lombel
Mike Maley
Terry Meade
Megan Mike
Tiffany Reedy Hummel
John & Leah Rodgers
Jean Smerlick
Richard Sukeena
Robert & Debbie Umbenhauer
Vince’s Vintage Vinyl
Denyse/David Wasilew