In 2012 The Crimson Tide Foundation completed its FIRST project with the presentation of a $1,000 check to the Pottsville Area School District for new library materials

Crimson Tide Foundation Scholarship Program

Many PAHS graduates have benefited from Class Day scholarships and awards. The Crimson Tide Foundation would like to extend support to students preparing for college throughout the Academic Year with competitive scholarships in Math and Science. Our hope is to provide incentives for students to perform throughout the year, and to recognize outstanding performers with benefits that will support them in their college search.

Crimson Tide Foundation Venture Grants for Teachers and Venture Business Partnerships Program

1. The Pottsville Area School District Crimson Tide Foundation rewards the creation of exciting and innovative educational ideas through the Venture Grants for Teachers Program.
2. Grant awards from $250 up to $1000 are given to aid teachers in the design and development of educational materials/fieldtrips/resources for the implementation of innovative and creative classroom projects that will enhance student learning.

1. Venture grants programs have evolved throughout the nation to meet two needs present today in most public school districts. First is the need to bring new resources to the classroom, the focal point of education. Second is the need to establish a dialogue with the school district and community business and civic leaders, the municipal government and with community members who may not have children in the public school system.
2. Venture grants programs are not a new idea. Their prime goal is to reward teachers with an opportunity to be innovative in the classroom.
3. Materials/projects developed with venture grants frequently become part of the school’s regular curriculum. The excitement generated by a single grant can influence the learning climate of an entire school.
4. Venture grants are effective because they put funds directly into the classroom where they can do the most good.

1. All applications will be reviewed by a committee of business, education and civic leaders who make up the Crimson Tide Foundation Projects Committee. Based on the availability of funds, the projects will be chosen on a competitive basis.

1. In the Digital Divide Program the Foundation would provide the necessary funding so school computer labs at the middle school and high school can be open extended hours for students both before and after school.  Teachers will monitor the labs and assist students with projects and questions. Training classes for interested parents can be arranged on an as-needed basis.
2. Venture Horizon Grants focus on professional development for teachers. These grants allow teachers to enrich their teaching knowledge and practice by providing funding for participation in educational opportunities out of the local area.

Adopt a Classroom

This program is an opportunity for individuals, businesses, or groups to contribute $250 to “adopt” a district classroom. The $250 will be given to the teacher to purchase items needed to enrich the classroom environment. The donor has the option of selecting a specific classroom or just specifying a certain age group.

L/R Craig Shields (Foundation), Lillian Hobbs (PAHS Librarian), John Liddle (Foundation), John Boran (Board of Education President)

Photo by Scott Krater (Board of Education Member)