Projects Completed by the Crimson Tide Foundation

2.   Completed an update of the Alumni Directory
3.   Provided 5 waves of Venture Grants for enhanced classroom experiences donating $22054.25

The Alumni Directory has been updated with information from 1933 through 2013.

Pottsville Area School District Superintendent Dr. Jeffrey S. Zwiebel receives a Teacher Venture Grant check for $3100 from Robert W. Wachter, Crimson Tide Foundation president, and vice president John H. Liddle. The first grant recipients include: (left to right) Adrian Portland, John Carestia, Stephanie Ziegmont, Dr. Jeffrey S. Zwiebel, Robert W. Wachter, John H. Liddle, Katie Porrino,Ted Catranis, Linda Smith, Kim Martinko. Photo by Brittany Sullivan / Hi-S-Potts Publications 8/20/13

John S. Clarke Elementary Center students watch the Rocks, Minerals and Fossils program made possible by a Venture Grant.

The first recipients of the Crimson Tide Foundation Teacher Venture Grants received $3100 from foundation president Robert W. Wachter and vice president John H. Liddle at the Pottsville Area School District In Service Day August 20, 2014.

The recipients and their projects include: 

John S. Clarke Elementary Center

Kim Martinko – Green and Growing Nature Study will be conducted with all second grade students under the direction of Porcupine Pat McKinney at the Schuylkill County Fair Grounds.  Approximately 200 students will explore the importance of plants in our life and their connection to other living organisms in the environment.  Through a hands-on “Naturesnoop” excursion students will explore the main three wildlife habitats of our area. 

Linda Smith –The  Ideas and Inventions FOSS kit for second grade students is designed to infuse technology and engineering concepts at the elementary level.   These hands-on science lessons are designed to promote creativity, problem-solving skills and inventiveness while utilizing writing, speaking and listening skills along with the incorporation of measurement, data and probability.

Katie Porrino – The Rocks, Minerals and Fossils program utilizes presenters who have completed numerous paleontological digs and have published “Roberta’s Wonderful Dinosaur Adventure.”  The program is designed to help students gain a deeper understanding of metamorphic, sedimentary and igneous rocks and how minerals are formed.   Third grade students will investigate an eight foot Triceratops dinosaur skull, rare fossil and unusual minerals.

D. H. H. Lengel Middle School
Ted Catranis and John Carestia – “Who Killed Caesar?”  - This is a C. S. I. type of research project involving investigators, scientists, actors, and a jury trial to determine who is responsible for Caesar’s death.  Students will collect evidence; utilize microscopes and other scientific equipment to test blood and DNA.  A “mock court” will be held for students to compare and contrast current and past judicial systems, customs and procedures, along with the study of government.  This is a cross-curricular project initiated by the science and social studies departments, but it also incorporates English Language Arts and mathematics

Stephanie Ziegmont – Document Cameras  will be purchased for each grade level to help students visualize lessons, project literature from books and magazines, clarify daily objectives and share students’ original work with the class.

Pottsville Area High School
Adrian Portland – “Environmental Majesty:  Discovering Monarch Biology”  - This project will include the monarch butterfly rearing and tagging for migration tracking purpose, while studying their life cycle and migration habits.  The high school Biology Department will establish a certified Way Station through the official Monarch Watch Way Station Program

4.   Began to fund a Digital Media Project for the publications department

Alec Gonzalez uses new video equipment to record a program in the Motivational Science Center. This video equipment was purchased as part of the Digital Media Project.

Digital media project will raise the funds to provide the equipment and software for instruction in digital filmmaking, web page design, broadcast journalism, 3D animation and digital graphics. Students will work on original music videos, short films, live newscasts, public service announcements, DVD musician, actor and athlete highlight reels. They will provide video and livestream coverage of all school events.
This project is an effort to build onto the success of the award winning publications program at Pottsville High School. The video linked below was compiled from numerous videos submitted by graduates who are currently working in fields that use skills learned in the Pub Room at PAHS. After watching the linked video please view the complete versions of all the graduate videos that are all posted on the same You Tube page.

Digital Media Project Video

5.   Purchased new astronomy equipment for the Motivational Science Center

This telescope and other video equipment were purchased to enhanse the educational experiences of students and community members in the Motivational Science Center.

6.   Arranged for a STEM scholarship
7.   Partially funded CrisisGo software
8.   Copyrighted the school logo
9.   Provided 2 sets of Tide Task Force gift cards
10. Organized fundraisers
11. Coordinated with class presidents to raise additional funds at class reunions
12. Funded the applications for two Safe Schools Grants
13. Applied for a grant for the Wells Fargo Day of Caring  
This resulted in a $70,000 donatation and hundreds of hours of time donated to PASD
14.  Purchased a digital camera for use by the Photography Staff of Hi-S-Potts


CHECK IT OUT! The picture below was taken by astronomy teacher and Foundation Board member, Adrian Portland. The little black dot on the big orange disk is the planet Mercury transiting the sun. This phenomena where Mercury passes between the Earth and sun only occurs 13 times per century and will not happen again until 2032. Viewing this astronomical excitement was made possible with the purchase of a solar telescope. The CRIMSON TIDE FOUNDATION is pleased to have assisted with this purchase.

1. Purchase of new reference materials for the PAHS library
15. Purchased a solar telescope